2 + 2 Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Science

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Freshman and Sophomore Year Requirements (Community College)

6 Hr English

Community College Courses1

ENG 1113 English Composition I
ENG 1123 English Composition II

Equivalent Course @ MSU2

EN 1103 English Composition I
EN 1113 English Composition II


6 Hr Mathematics

Community College Courses

MAT 1313 College Algebra

Equivalent Course @ MSU

MA 1313 College Algebra

Select one additional course from the list below

Community College Courses

MAT 1323 Trigonometry
MAT 1333 Finite Math & Intro to Calculus
MAT 1613 Calculus I
MAT 1623 Calculus II
MAT 1513 Business Calculus I

MAT 1523 Business Calculus II

MAT 2323 Statistics OR
BAD 2323 Business Statistics

Equivalent Course @ MSU

MA 1323 Trigonometry
MA 1463 Finite & Introduction to Calculus
MA 1713 Calculus I
MA 1723 Calculus II
MA 1613 Calc for Business & Life Science I
MA 1623 Calc for Business & Life Science II
ST 2113 Introduction to Statistics OR
BQA 2113 Business Statistical Methods

1Course codes, numbering, and titles are based on the Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges 2007 Uniform Course Numbering System.

2Equivalent courses at MSU are based on the 2007 Articulation Agreement between the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and the Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges.


6 Hr Social and Behavioral Sciences

Community College Courses

PSY 1513 General Psychology
SOC 2113 Introduction to Sociology

Equivalent Course @ MSU

PSY 1013 General Psychology
SO 1003 Introduction to Sociology


4 Hr Human Anatomy

Community College Courses

BIO 2514 Anatomy & Physiology I

Equivalent Course @ MSU

BIO 1004 Anatomy & Physiology


6 Hr Science

Community College Courses

BIO 1513 Prin of Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 1511 Prin of Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
BIO 1514 Prin of Anatomy & Physiology I

Equivalent Course @ MSU

BIO 1004 Anatomy & Physiology

Select two additional sciences from the list below

Community College Courses

PHY 2243 Physical Science Survey I
PHY 2241 Physical Science Survey I Lab
PHY 2244 Physical Science Survey I

PHY 2253 Physical Science Survey II
PHY 2251 Physical Science Survey II Lab
PHY 2254 Physical Science Survey II

PHY 2413 General Physics I
PHY 2411 General Physics I Lab
PHY 2414 General Physics I

PHY 2423 General Physics II
PHY 2421 General Physics II Lab
PHY 2424 General Physics II

BIO 2413 Zoology I
BIO 2411 Zoology I Lab
BIO 2414 Zoology I

BIO 1313 Botany I
BIO 1311 Botany I Lab
BIO 1314 Botany I

BIO 1133 General Biology I
BIO 1131 General Biology I Lab
BIO 1134 General Biology I
BIO 1143 General Biology  II
BIO 1141 General Biology  II Lab
BIO 1144 General Biology  II

BIO 2923 Microbiology
BIO 2921 Microbiology Lab
BIO 2924 Microbiology

CHE 1213 General Chemistry I
CHE 1211 General Chemistry I Lab
CHE 1214 General Chemistry I

CHE 1223 General Chemistry II
CHE 1221 General Chemistry II Lab
CHE 1224 General Chemistry II

CHE 1323 Principles of Chemistry II
CHE 1321 Principles of Chemistry II Lab
CHE 1324 Principles of Chemistry II

AGR 1313 Plant Science

AGR 2314 Basic Soils

Equivalent Course @ MSU

PH 1013 Physical Science Survey I
PH 1011 Physical Science Lab I

PH 1023 Physical Science Survey II
PH 1021 Physical Science Lab II

PH 1113 General Physics I

PH 1123 General Physics II

BIO 1504 Principles of Zoology

BIO 1203 Plant Biology

Students who complete the sequence receive credit for 2 lab sciences on MSU Core

BIO 3304 General Microbiology

CH 1213 Chemistry I
CH 1211 Investigations in Chemistry I

CH 1223 Chemistry II
CH 1221 Investigations in Chemistry II

CH 1053 Survey of Chemistry II
CH 1051 Experimental Chemistry

PSS 1313 Plant Science

PSS 3303 Soils
PSS 3301 Soils Lab


3 Hr Fine Arts (select one)

Community College Courses

ART 1113 Art Appreciation
ART 2713 Art History I
ART 2723 Art History II
SPT 2233 Theatre Appreciation
MUS 1113 Music Appreciation

Equivalent Course @ MSU

ART 1113 Art Appreciation
ART 1013 Art History I
ART 1023 Art History II
CO 1503 Introduction to Theatre
MU 1113 History & Appreciation of Music


6 Hr Education

Community College Courses

EPY 2523 Adolescent Psychology
CDT 2413 Atypical Child Development

Equivalent Course @ MSU

EPY 3543 Psychology of Adolescence
EDX 3213 Psychology and Ed of Except Youth


3 Hr Physical Education (select one)

Community College Courses

HPR 1213 Personal & Community Health I
HPR 2213 First Aid and CPR

Equivalent Course @ MSU

PE 1223 Personal Health
PE 3213 Emergency Health Care


14 Hr Human Sciences *

Community College Courses

FEC 1253 Nutrition
CDT 1113 Early Childhood Profession
CDT 1214 Child Development I
CDT 1224 Child Development II

Equivalent Course @ MSU

HS 2293 Individual and Family Nutrition
HS 1802 Professional Seminar I
HS 2803 Prenatal and Infant Development
HS 2813 Child Development I

* Students completing Human Science requirements at MSU will only receive 11 hours and will need to take a 3 hours general elective.


6 Hr Humanities (select two)

Community College Courses

HIS 2213 American (US) History I
HIS 2223 American (US) History II
ENG 2223 American Literature I
ENG 2233 American Literature II
ENG 2323 English Literature I
ENG 2333 English Literature II
ENG 2423 World Literature I
ENG 2433 World Literature II
HIS 1113 Western Civilization I
HIS 1123 Western Civilization II
PHI 2113 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 2173 Introduction to Logic
MFL 1113 Elementary French I
MFL 1213 Elementary Spanish I
MFL 1223 Elementary Spanish II
MFL 2213 Intermediate Spanish I

Equivalent Course @ MSU

HI 1063 Early US History
HI 1073 Modern US History
EN 2243 American Literature I
EN 2253 American Literature II
EN 2213 English Literature I
EN 2223 English Literature II
EN 2273 World Literature I
EN 2283 World Literature II
HI 1213 Early Western World
HI 1223 Modern Western World
PHI 1103 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 1133 Introduction to Logic
FLF 1113 French I
FLS 1113 Spanish I
FLS 1123 Spanish II
FLS 2133 Spanish III


60 Total hours to transfer to Mississippi State University

Junior and Senior Year Requirements (Mississippi State University)

52 Hr Courses

HS 1701 Survey of Human Sciences
HS 3813 Child Development II
HS 4701 Internship Placement Seminar
HS 4403 Intro to Gerontology
COE 4013 Facilitative Skills Dev
HS 4853 The Family: A Trans Approach
HS 4823 Dev & Adm Child Ser Prog
HS 4702 Senior Seminar
AIS 3203 Introduction to Tech Writing or
EDF 3413 Writing for Thinking

HS 2603 Interior Design Fundamentals
HS 3303 Consumer Economics
HS 4424 Teaching Methods In Ag and HS
PSY 3413 Human Sexual Behavior
HS 4313 Family Resource Management
HS 4803Art of Parenting
HS 4333 Families, Leg & Pub Policy
HS 4750 Internship (6-8 credits)


12 Hr Restricted Electives (Select four courses from the Child, Family, or Youth Studies emphasis area. All four courses chosen must be from the same emphasis area)

Child Studies Emphasis Area

EDE 3233 Teach Lit at Elem and Mid Levels
HS 3803 Child Care Procedures
HS 3843 Designing Child Care Programs
HS 4834 The Hospitalized Child
HS 2283 Child Health and Nutrition

Youth Studies Emphasis Area

COE 4023 Introduction to Counseling
EDE 3223 Middle Grade Education
EDX 4423 Teaching the Disadvantaged Child
HS 3673 Environments for Special Needs
AIS 4403 Development of Youth Programs
SW 4613 Child Welfare Services

Family Studies Emphasis Area

HS 3673 Environments for Special Needs
HS 4813 Adult Development: The Middle Years
HS 4843 Family Interaction
HS 4863 Consumer Aspects of Aging


64 Total hours completed at MSU

60 Total hours transferred to Mississippi State University from Community College
64 Total hours completed at Mississippi State University
124 Total hours required for Bachelor of Science degree in Human Sciences with a concentration in Human Development and Family Studies

*Students must take at least half of their degree program at Mississippi State University.

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