2 + 2 Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education

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Freshman and Sophomore Year Requirements (Community College)

6 Hr English Composition

Community College Courses1

ENG 1113 English Composition I
ENG 1123 English Composition II

Equivalent Course @ MSU2

EN 1103 English Composition I
EN 1113 English Composition II


3 Hr Biology (select one)

Community College Courses

BIO 1133 General Biology I
BIO 1131 General Biology I Lab
BIO 1134 General Biology I
BIO 1143 General Biology  II
BIO 1141 General Biology  II Lab
BIO 1144 General Biology  II

Equivalent Course @ MSU

Students who complete the sequence receive credit for 2 lab sciences on MSU Core (with this choice, only 3 additional hours of Physical Science is required)

BIO 1313 Botany I
BIO 1311 Botany I Lab
BIO 1314 Botany I

BIO 1203 Plant Biology

BIO 1513 Prin of Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 1511 Prin of Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
BIO 1514 Prin of Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 1004 Anatomy & Physiology

1Course codes, numbering, and titles are based on the Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges 2007 Uniform Course Numbering System.

2Equivalent courses at MSU are based on the 2007 Articulation Agreement between the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and the Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges.


6 Hr Physical Sciences (select two)

Community College Courses

PHY 2413 General Physics I
PHY 2411 General Physics I Lab
PHY 2414 General Physics I

CHE 1213 General Chemistry I
CHE 1211 General Chemistry I Lab
CHE 1214 General Chemistry I

CHE 1223 General Chemistry II
CHE 1221 General Chemistry II Lab
CHE 1224 General Chemistry II

Equivalent Course @ MSU

PH 1113 General Physics

CH 1213 Chemistry I
CH 1211 Investigations in Chemistry I

CH 1223 Chemistry II
CH 1221 Investigations in Chemistry II


9 Hr Social/Behavioral Sciences

Community College Courses

PSY 1513 General Psychology I
SOC 2113 Introduction to Sociology
PSC 1113 American National Government

Equivalent Course @ MSU

PSY 1013 General Psychology
SO 1003 Introduction to Sociology
PS 1113 American Government


3 Hr Education

Community College Courses

EDU 1613 Foundations in Education

Equivalent Course @ MSU

EDF 3333 Social Foundations of Education


3 Hr Fine Arts (select one)

Community College Courses

ART 1113 Art Appreciation
ART 2713 Art History I
ART 2723 Art History II
SPT 2233 Theatre Appreciation
MUS 1113 Music Appreciation

Equivalent Course @ MSU

ART 1113 Art Appreciation
ART 1013 Art History I
ART 1023 Art History II
CO 1503 Introduction to Theatre
MU 1113 History & Appreciation of Music


12 Hr Humanities (select two literature and two history courses in sequence)

Community College Courses

HIS 2213 American (US) History I
HIS 2223 American (US) History II

Equivalent Course @ MSU

HI 1063 Early US History
HI 1073 Modern US History

or two other core histories in sequence

Community College Courses

ENG 2223 American Literature I
ENG 2233 American Literature II
ENG 2323 English Literature I
ENG 2333 English Literature II

Equivalent Course @ MSU

EN 2243 American Literature I
EN 2253 American Literature II
EN 2213 English Literature I
EN 2223 English Literature II


3 Hr Oral Communications

Community College Courses

SPT 1113 Oral Communication

Equivalent Course @ MSU

CO 1003 Fundamentals of Public Speaking


6 Hr Computer Literacy and Oral Communications (select one)

Community College Courses

CSC 2133 Programming I with “C”
SPT 1113 Public Speaking I

Equivalent Course @ MSU

CSE 1233 Computer Programming with C
CO 1003 Fundamentals of Public Speaking


15 Hr Content/ General Education Core (select four)

Community College Courses

MAT 1613 Calculus I
MAT 1623 Calculus II
MAT 2613 Calculus III
MAT 2623 Calculus IV
EDU 1613 Foundation in Education

Equivalent Course @ MSU

MA 1713 Calculus I
MA 1723 Calculus II
MA 2733 Calculus III
MA 2743 Calculus IV
EDF 3333 Social Foundations of Education


60 Total hours to transfer to Mississippi State University

Junior and Senior Year Requirements (Mississippi State University)

24 Hr Core Content

MA 3253 Differential Equations I
MA 3053 Foundations of Math
MA/ST 3123 Introduction to Statistical Inference
MA 3163 Modern Algebra
MA 3463 Foundations of Geometry
MA 3513 History of Math
MA 4523 Introduction to Probability
Math Elective (Choose either MA 1713, MA 1723, MA 2733, MA 2743, or MA 3113, which was not
selected as a general education core course)

40 Hr Professional Education

EDF 3413 Writing for Thinking
EDS 3411 Practicum in Secondary Education
EDX 3213 Psychology and Education of Exceptional Child & Youth
RDG 3513 Developing Reading Strategies
EPY 3143 Human Development/Learning
EDF 4243 Planning for the Diversity of Learners
EPY 3253 Evaluating Learning
EDS 3633 Secondary Mathematics Education
EDS 4633 Methods of Teaching Mathematics
EDS 4873 Sem in Managing Sec Class
EDS 4886 Teaching Internship in Secondary Education
EDS 4896 Teaching Internship in Secondary Education

64 Total hours completed at MSU

60 Total hours transferred to Mississippi State University from Community College
64 Total hours completed at Mississippi State University
124 Total hours required for Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Mathematics Education

*Students must take at least half of their degree program at Mississippi State University.

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